StampStore is an online marketplace, with more than 320,000 itmes, that allows APS members to sell philatelic material worldwide. Although the APS provides this selling/buying service, the APS does not own the material

being sold and does not guarantee the accuracy of members’ content in the listings. All items come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and ship within one business day. Learn more about Buying or Selling.

Understanding Circuit Sales

Circuit sales is a members only service offering buyers a shopping experience through the mail which allows you to examine the stamps before you purchase them. Circuit sales books contain material from fellow APS members. 

Six steps to Circuit Sales: 1) Select your areas of interest; 2) Get assigned to a circuit; 3) Purchase a rubber stamp; 4) Receive sales books and make purchases; 5) Submit payment and 6) Forward the circuit to the next person.


APS Publications

APS offers a wide range of publications — from beginner to expert level — many available to members at a discount. Digital publications of out of print and out of copyright

publications. The American Philatelist, the APS 100-page monthly magazine — 2007 to current issues — and educational videos on many aspects of the hobby on DVDs.

Gifts & Specialty Items

APS offers a variety of items sport shirts, watches,  ties, scarfs, magnifiers and much more. For members there are member pins, patches and name badges.

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